Ranking the 6 Cost Cards

By Patrick Myers aka karmakanik

Once players have grasped the basic strategic principles of Star Realms, they understand that the early game is often about building up enough trade/economy in order to purchase the “power” cards that cost 6 or above.  But what happens when you finally get to up 6 trade and you have a choice of four different 6-cost cards?  Which ones are the best?  The worst?  Which ones fit into which kinds of decks?  When do these cards shine?  When are they weakest?  Read on to find out…

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How do you buy? And can you stop? By Matt ‘TheCutter’ Newburg

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Star Realms fans spend substantial time staring at trade rows. Which cards are the most efficient? Should I counter-purchase? Am I getting enough bases? What about scrap? We scrutinize, rationalize, and eventually settle on the best purchase. Often we see posts asking, ‘What would you take?’ accompanied by a screenshot. Deck Building offers simple-but-lively discussion about what to take, when, and why.

I will ask you to assess your process. Where are you as a Trade Row Decision Maker?

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TheCutter’s Epic Training Blog #3

TheCutter’s Epic Training Blog #3


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3 weeks in and a little over 3 weeks to go!

My team and I feel very good about Epic’s mechanics. We now have net decks, trial builds, and some that are in between. As we learn to pilot them correctly, we are really seeing them pop! The play feels much like old school Legacy Magic. ‘One Point Five Restricted’ was what we called the format at the time. Epic has allowed us to scratch that itch without spending thousands of dollars.

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