Episode 83: The Lost Aldaryn Interview

This week we pull a previously unreleased interview back from the historical tapes and present it for you. Derek “Aldaryn” Thompson is a long time member of the Star Realms online community and a guy with a lot of opinion that Rick assures me are correct. Listen in for some great insights from a top Star Realms Player!

Megahaulin Classics

November of 2014 was the birth of one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on to date. During that month, I had discovered the online Star Realms app and was desperate to talk with other folks who were as obsessed with the game as I was. Thus was Megahaulin born.

We started off humbly enough, but probably broke some copyright rules and as such elected to take down our older episodes till we could get those things sorted out.

Megahaulin Classics is a labor of love that will take some time. I’m working out a mechanism to simplify, but in the end, it is a lot of work to produce even a few of these episodes. I’ve recorded a brief intro to the project and hope that you all enjoy revisiting this wonderful time in the history of online Star Realms.

Rise of Empire! The Next “Big Thing”!

Rob and Debbie of White Wizard Games (WWG) announced the next “big thing” for Star Realms during their April 28, 2020 live stream:

A competitive 2-player legacy-style game with the working title, “Rise of Empire.”

Rise of Empire will be a prequel to the original Base Set, focusing on the birth of the Star Empire faction and its rebellion from the Trade Federation.  Rise of Empire hits Kickstarter in Fall 2020, according to Rob.

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Endurance Challenge Season 4 Results!

The Endurance Challenge, one of several fan-made Star Realms Leagues, just wrapped up its 4th Season.

  • Description: In the Endurance Challenge you start with 100 “health”, and are matched up with other players in Swiss-like pairings. If you win, your health doesn’t change. If you lose, your health is reduced by the point differential by which you lost, e.g., if you lost 25 to -13, then 38 pts would be subtracted from your health.
  • When your health is reduced to 0 or lower, you’re out. Last player standing wins.
  • Special Rules: Due to the nature of this event, we enforce a few specific rules, e.g., you must always play all your cards, and you must always use all damage you generate on your turn. In other words, no withholding damage or cards in order to artificially extend a game.

What’s in a Season: A Season consists of 5 separate Endurance Challenge (EC) events, followed by an Endurance Invitation Challenge (EIC) which includes the top 32 performers over the 5 events of that season.

The Season 4 results!

Season 4 Invitational (EIC 4) Winner: Hypaspist

EIC 4 was a 3-stage event that included the top 32 performers of the 5 events of Season 4.

In Stage 1, the 32 players were organized into 8 groups of 4. Players played each other player in their group once. The 12 players with the lowest cumulative point differential among all their games were eliminated.

In Stage 2, the remaining 20 players were matched up against another player according to Swiss-like pairings (e.g., 2 players with the highest cumulative point differential are matched up, etc.). Beginning after round 2, the 4 players with the lowest cumulative point differential are eliminated, until only 4 players remain.

In Stage 3, the final 4 players play each other 3 times. The player with the highest cumulative point differential from all 9 games is the winner.

In EIC 4, Hypaspist was joined by stips, nearlygod, & Bungo in Stage 3. Hypaspist took first place, with nearlygod coming in second.

Winners of EC 16-20

Season 4 also included 5 individual Endurance Challenge events…EC 16 thru EC 20. Here are the results of those events.

EC 20 Winner: SabelA

  • SabelA won with a net point differential of 307 pts
  • Zwivix and Lux16 also made the finals

EC 19 Winner: Dusto

  • Dusto won with a net point differential of 502 pts
  • MightyStig and ColinMacLeod also made the finals

EC 18 Winner: jshirland

  • jshirland won with a net point differential of 629 pts, which is 2nd best all-time!
  • Bungo and CCKinnison also made the finals

EC 17 Winner: Deegan

  • Deegan won with a net point differential of 667 pts, which is a league record!
  • Wheels and EvilOverLord also made the finals

EC 16 Winner: Wheels

  • Wheels won with a net point differential of 349 pts
  • bryistupid also made the finals

Lifetime KOs through Season 4

A “KO” is when a player wins by 100+ pt differential in a single game.

1. Jimenhimself (6)
1. Nimral (6)
1. Vidarrr (6)
4. Deegan (5)
4. SonofThoth95 (5)
4. rawlinpa (5)
4. Zwivix (5)
8. bwlandry (4)
8. Carnie (4)
8. CrankyDay (4)
8. dommola (4)
8. Tunaslap (4)
13. 11 players tied at (3)

Interested in participating in the next Endurance Challenge Event? Join the Facebook Group and watch for the next signup event. The first event of Season 5 will start around Feb. 28th.