Guide to Online Leagues

This post provides a guide to the various online Star Realms leagues/tournaments played using the Star Realms digital app.  These are all free, fan-created leagues.

BoardGameGeek (BGG) League

Description: This is the oldest-running online Star Realms league.  The BGG League is a series of simultaneous round-robin tournaments. It is subdivided into multiple divisions which are layered in a pyramidal structure.  The top division is the Platinum Tier; below that are two Gold Tier divisions, four Silver Tier divisions, eight Bronze Tier divisions, and up to sixteen Iron Tier divisions.  Players move up or down between Tiers based on their performance during a season.

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Unavailability of older Pod Eps

We have temporarily removed our back episodes before Ep 74. Publishing to new platforms means we need to be pod safe in our music choices. Until we determine our next step on this, those older episodes will be unavailable. If you have them already, you will not be affected. We’ll keep you in the loop on our progress here.

Convoy Bot Changed My Life

Long before I began playing Star Realms, I played an unhealthy amount of Magic: the Gathering. It has always been my favorite thing to counter a spell and shut people down. I could never actually finish someone off with aggressive decks, and they were lacking in choice and card advantage. I’ve always loved to draw extra cards and to come back from behind. So, it’s no surprise that I lean towards blue/red decks in Star Realms, with lots of bases. For a long time, I didn’t touch green cards if I could avoid it.

Furthermore, back in the days before Colony Wars, what is now “top row” was the “big deck” format for a very long time. I felt very confident in that format, and still believe that the top-tier deck is one revolving around bases/scrap/life gain, and that aggro decks are considerably weaker.

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Podcast Episode 77: Happy Holidays!

[Recorded prior to Christmas]

This week Dustin and Matt reveal our end of the year contest winners. Also detailed coverage on the Star Realms SCENARIOS set. They also take a deep dive into the newly released (to digital) UNITED COMMAND set.

Happy Holidays and thanks to all of our listeners in 2017! This was an incredible year and here’s to a great 2018!