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Episode 36: Machine Cult Colony Wars Meltdown!

This week on Megahaulin, Dustin and Matt review each card from the brand new COLONY WARS set! News, Tournaments, Articles, Oh My!


When is it the right play to let your opponent take Brain World?

Our story begins already in progress….

Location: Board Game Geek League, Platinum Division – Season 12

FlyingArrow has run away with the division and will be crowned the solo victor of the tier. His last opponent is yours truly (TheeMystic). As has been the tradition, the former tier champion faces off against the top seed in a matchup ensuring maximum high drama. This time, the drama didn’t come from the comparative records of the players, but rather a very interesting situation that just might have decided the game. Continue reading

What’s The Deal With Overkill? – An Introduction to the Endurance Challenge

By MarauderMo

“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”
-William Barclay


Ever lost a random game to a player who went all out for the kill on their final turn? Maybe you were already down to less than 10 Authority and they maxed out their hand to do as much damage as possible? Well chances are your opponent is one of two things: an evil megalomaniac who just likes to watch the world burn or a person who is preparing for the Endurance Challenge on Facebook.

I won’t give you an explanation for the problem of evil (although I’d love to I’m a different forum) but I can explain what The Endurance Challenge is.

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Megahaulin’s Colony Wars Review

At long last, the latest expansion from the award winning Star Realms line is here! At first glance, the Colony Wars expansion for Star Realms looks very similar to its parent edition. For the benefit of those not completely familiar with Star Realms it is a strategic deck builder styled game where players use a deck of “starter” cards to purchase new ships and bases that are then playable through subsequent deck reshuffles. Each new base and ship added has a unique set of interactions with other cards in your deck providing a wide range of paths to victory. Continue reading

Betcha can’t scrap just one!

Everyone has played Star Realms games where they are certain that they’ve lost due to a lack of scrap. The critical ability to thin the starter cards out of your deck is key to improving chances to faction as well as replaying your bases and other big bomb cards. Scrap can become so scarce that players will pass on top tier cards to keep their opponents scrap starved. One question that’s been on my mind is how much scrap does someone really need? How quickly can it turn your deck around?
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