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Podcast Episode 40: Damned if you Draw, Damned if you Don’t!

This week Dustin and Matt wish everyone a Happy Holiday and plenty of Star Realms! The show discuss lots of tournaments and league play as well as easy ways to keep track of your tournament history if you play a lot. Strategy discussion focuses on Managing the Redraw.


The Reshuffle: A Strategy Guide

by Rick DeMille aka Darklighter

Basic Principles

The “reshuffle” in Star Realms produces some unique strategy considerations, particularly in the on-line game where you must play all cards in your hand.

For example, playing a draw card (e.g., Corvette) when your draw pile is empty will cause your deck to reshuffle during your turn. Any cards in your current hand will not be included in that reshuffled deck. Instead, the cards in your current hand will sit in your discard pile until the next time your deck reshuffles. In other words, when you reshuffle during your turn, the cards in your hand are essentially “lost” for one deck; you will have to wait until your deck reshuffles again to have access to those cards.

This can be good when you are “losing” starter cards for one deck; for one deck those starter cards aren’t diluting your deck. But this can be a bad thing when “losing” stronger cards. Let me set the stage with two examples.

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