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Podcast Episode 46: Smashing the Newburg!

EVENTS ARE HERE! We discuss initial reactions to the EVENTS expansion, Tournament and League play as well as a discussion on Professor HomerJr’s new article on the Megahaulin Strat Blog! TUNE IN!


And Now for Something Completely Empirical: Opening Hands and Buys

by Scott Heise aka HomerJr

As fun as it is to debate Star Realms strategy, theory craft factions, and run countless simulations, sometimes there is no substitute for real-world empiricism.  As much as I love playing the Star Realms app (and I do LOVE playing the app), one disappointment is I have is that there there is a gold mine of hundreds or thousands of games worth of data out there with no way to get at it:  which cards do you buy, how many  times have you played each card, opening hand distributions, opening buys, number of turns, number of cards scrapped, bases destroyed, faction preferences, etc.   This kind of post-game summary data is just begging to be mined for correlations to win rate for both the individual player and the entire player community.

Unfortunately, currently the only way to get this kind of data is to keep track of it yourself using a spreadsheet or other tool, which can be quite laborious and difficult to keep error free over a large games .  Nevertheless, my thirst for some kind of empirical data to sink my teeth into drove me to look for an opportunity to collect some meaningful real world data.  Luckily, I was recently a proud participant of the Star Realms Pan-Galactic League s#1 and #2, founded by Remy aka Aweberman and generously run by Brendan aka Carnie. Given the league’s closed player pool, locked league format, and relatively large number of games, what better opportunity would I have to gather some data? 

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