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Podcast Episode 61: Stop Buying, Start Winning

It’s our final show of 2016 and Megahaulin’ has turned TWO YEARS OLD! Can you believe it??? This time, Dustin and Matt discuss news regarding as well as a new article on the blog to help people stop buying and start winning. ALSO – A Brand New Segment! Check it out!


How do you buy? And can you stop? By Matt ‘TheCutter’ Newburg

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Star Realms fans spend substantial time staring at trade rows. Which cards are the most efficient? Should I counter-purchase? Am I getting enough bases? What about scrap? We scrutinize, rationalize, and eventually settle on the best purchase. Often we see posts asking, ‘What would you take?’ accompanied by a screenshot. Deck Building offers simple-but-lively discussion about what to take, when, and why.

I will ask you to assess your process. Where are you as a Trade Row Decision Maker?

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