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Blobs Away! A Cost Comparison within the Blob Faction.

Written by Brad Elkey aka PanicFire.

This is part of a four-part series in which I compare all ships and bases of the same cost within each faction up to and including Colony Wars. The purpose of this guide is to help make purchasing decisions when similar cards are available and to help think about the function of each card in general. This is my opinion and others may have different thoughts about which cards are better in certain situations, the important thing is to start thinking about how the value of certain cards shift based on the circumstances of the game. I’d also like these articles to be another starting point of conversation where people can share their own thoughts on comparing the cards. Please also note that comparing ships and bases can be like comparing apples and oranges. Typically ships have a more immediate impact on the game while bases’ initially weak output is made up for by the combat it takes to remove them and their ability to potentially stay out for more than one turn. Bases are stronger if the opponent does not have automatic base destruction and if you have other bases since they are more likely to stay out as your opponent spends their combat clearing your other bases. For more information on the distinction between the two see my first article, Bases and Bombs: A Guide to Playing 1B.

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Episode 71: A Faction Most Improved

On this episode, Dustin and Matt discuss the exciting new Kickstarter from WWG: FRONTIERS. Also NEWS FROM THE COLONIES and the continuation of the strategy review of the new Colony Wars update – This time reviewing STAR EMPIRE!