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Episode 81: The Final Frontiers!

This week Dustin and Rick review every single card of the brand new digital Star Realms expansion: FRONTIERS. Hear hot takes and discussions around new strategies based on this new expansion!

Listen to Megahaulin on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or right here in the page!


New Star Realms Web Series!

The amazing Ori Kagan has produced a new web series called Scouts Vs Vipers. The title hails from one of the most fundamental questions amongst regular SR players – Do you scrap Scouts first, or Vipers.

The answer? You’ll find some insights (or Ori’s perspective) in the video! Great work!



Unavailability of older Pod Eps

We have temporarily removed our back episodes before Ep 74. Publishing to new platforms means we need to be pod safe in our music choices. Until we determine our next step on this, those older episodes will be unavailable. If you have them already, you will not be affected. We’ll keep you in the loop on our progress here.