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Guide to Online Leagues

This post provides a guide to the various online Star Realms leagues/tournaments played using the Star Realms digital app.  These are all free, fan-created leagues.

Summary of Ongoing Fan-Created Leagues, with more details about each below:

  • BoardGameGeek League
  • Facebook Tiered League
  • Star Realms Premier Circuit
  • Pan Galactic League & Nebula Minor League
  • Endurance Challenge
  • Sunday Casual Series
  • Tournament of the 8 Admirals
  • Star Realms: Galactic Summit Tournament Series

BoardGameGeek (BGG) League

Description: This is the oldest-running online Star Realms league.  The BGG League is a series of simultaneous round-robin tournaments. It is subdivided into multiple divisions which are layered in a pyramidal structure.  The top division is the Platinum Tier; below that are two Gold Tier divisions, four Silver Tier divisions, eight Bronze Tier divisions, and up to sixteen Iron Tier divisions.  Players move up or down between Tiers based on their performance during a season.

Expansions Required: No specific expansions are required, unless, perhaps, if you advance to the higher tiers.

Website: The Main BGG League thread at

How to Join: Post in the BGG Wait List Thread, including your Star Realms IGN, expansion preference, and contact preference.

Commissioner: networktoast, with the help of several division commissioners

Previous Winner: Season 42 Platinum Tier winner – Wheels

Facebook Tiered League (FTL)

Description: The FTL uses a tiered structure similar to the BGG League.  FTL uses for game management.   Full League Rules.

Expansions Required: A different combination of expansions is used each season.  To participate in that season you will need to own the applicable expansions.  For example, FTL Season 12 used W-C2KUA (Colony Wars, Cosmic Gambits, Promos 2, Command, United Heroes, Assault).

Websites: 1. FLT Facebook Group. 2. Challonge Community.

How to Join: Join the FLT Facebook Group and register with  The Commissioner will post a signup thread in the Facebook Group when a new season is ready to start.

Commissioner: Hypaspist, with the help of several tier commissioners

Previous Winner: Season 12 Capitol World Tier winner – rawlinpa (won tie-break over CrankyDay)

Star Realms Premier Circuit (SRPC)

Description: The SRPC follows the pro tennis circuit model.  Over the course of a year the “Circuit” consists of 9 online tournaments (including three Grand Slams) and a Season Final.  Players are ranked according to their performance over the previous 10 events.  Each tournament is run using

Expansions Required: A different combination of expansions is used each event.  To participate in all 10 events of a Season, you must own all available expansions in the digital app.  You are not required to participate in all 10 events, so you can participate in only the events that use expansions you own if you wish.

Websites: 1. SRPC Official Website. 2. Challonge Community. 3. SRPC Facebook Group

How to Join: Join the SRPC Facebook Group, subscribe to the BGG thread, and/or join the SRPC Discord Server to be notified when to register for individual events.  You must also register with

Commissioner: Darklighter

Current #1 Ranked Player: Chazzmo

Previous Event Winner: SonofThoth94 (won Event 1 of Season 2)

Pan Galactic League (PGL) & Nebula Minor League (NML)

Description: The PGL and NML are organized like a baseball season, with each player in a different division.  The PGL is the equivalent of the “major leagues” and the NML is the equivalent of the “minor leagues.”

Players play several 3-game series against each player in their division, as well as one 4-game series against each player in the other divisions.  Players play 2 of these series each week, for a total of 164 games (PGL), or 117 games (NML), over the course of a season.  The top player in each division, as well as a few wild cards, advance to a single elimination playoff.  Players can advance from NML to PGL, or drop from PGL to NML, based on performance.

Expansions Required: All expansions required.

WebsiteBGG Thread.

How to Join: Send a PM to the Commissioner, “Carnie” (BGG id valpocarnie).  He will add you to the wait list.  You will be added to the NML as spaces open up.

Commissioner: Carnie, with the help of Darklighter who manages the NML

Previous Winner: Season 6 PGL winner – Deegan; Season 6 NML winner – SonofThoth94

Endurance Challenge (EC)

Description: Each player begins with 100 endurance.  Each round players are matched up according to Swiss style rules.  If you win, your endurance does not change.  If you lose, then the differential between your and your opponent’s final scores is subtracted from your Endurance.  Once a player’s endurance drops to zero or below, they are eliminated.  The final player standing with endurance above zero is the winner.

Expansions Required: All expansions except Missions required.

Website: EC Facebook Group.

How to Join: Join the EC Facebook Group.  The Commissioner will post when a new event is starting.

Commissioner: Darklighter

Previous Winner: EC 18 Winner – jshirland

Sunday Casual Series

Description: Periodic single elimination (usually) events run through the Star Realms Fan Created Community Facebook Page

Expansions Required: Depends on the event.

Website: Star Realms Fan Created Community Facebook Page

How to Join: Join the Facebook Group; register for the Events when they are posted.

Commissioner: Facebook Group Admins

Previous Winner: Sunday Casual 56 winner – DrewTheRat

Tournament of the 8 Admirals

Description: The tournament of the 8 Admirals consists on various sub-seasons in which 8 Admirals are chosen who will challenge the community. In that fight, the 8 contenders that do better together with the 8 Admirals shall fight in a cup format for the championship.

Expansions Required: No specific expansions required, though the number of expansions you play with could factor into tie-breakers.  However, those that earn a spot as one of the 8 Admirals must own all expansions.

Website: BGG Thread

How to Join: Two ways. 1. PM the Commissioner, SonofThoth94 (BGG id Parzival1994). 2. Post in the BGG Thread.  Even though this event is currently in Season 1, you may join any time sine the Season is made up of many sub-events.

Commissioner: SonofThoth94

Previous Winner: None, still in Season 1

Star Realms: Galactic Summit Tournament Series (SRGS)

Description: A series of typically single elimination tournaments run on a roughly weekly/biweekly basis. Each week features a unique mix of expansions and a special “Challenge” to complete for a chance at a special prize.

Expansions Required: Varies event to event.

Website: 1. Challonge Community  2. Discord Server

How to Join: Follow the Challonge Community and tune into the Discord #org-play-announcements channel for tournament news. Links to the Challonge Community and Discord Server are above.

Commissioner: MarauderMo

Previous Winner: SRGS03 winner astarlia


*If you wish to have your event added to this list, please post your league’s info in the comments below.


The Four Card Types and Deck Archetypes (Part 2)

Written by Brad Elkey aka PanicFire


In the first part of this article I introduced the concept of the Four Card Types. Economy, Combat, Defense, and Card Advantage are types of cards found across all four factions and have different uses throughout the course of the game. Understanding the four types of cards are essential to understanding how they work together to form deck archetypes.

Deck Archetypes:

By changing the ways you combine the four different card types you can create different deck archetypes that work as a cohesive whole. If you only buy cards of a single faction they will all work well together since most of them work towards the same goal (and Continue reading

How to Play Well with Events

By Derek Thompson (aldaryn)

CardsWBorders_0109_45_TradeMission-copy-Copy-213x300For better or for worse, Star Realms is not the game it was upon release, and I don’t just mean that there are more ships and bases. The original core set was a fantastic deck-building game, but an inherent feature of its gameplay was a considerable slowness to the feedback loop. What I mean by that is, when you purchase a card, it usually takes at least a turn (if not several) for it to show up and do anything of use. The basic exception would be buying a card and then forcing a shuffle; the only other exceptions in the core set are Freighter, Central Office, and Blob Carrier, and those require some combination of ally effects and card draws to have immediate effect.

Since then, we’ve had:

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The Four Card Types and Deck Archetypes (Part 1)

Written by Brad Elkey aka PanicFire


These four cards are good in almost any deck, regardless of factions.

Everyone knows factioning is good. If you can stick to buying one or two colors you are more likely to play them together and get their faction bonuses, thereby increasing the efficiency of your cards and the effectiveness of each turn. In an ideal world, you can choose which cards would be available for you to buy ahead of time to maximize this strategy, while keeping your opponent from maximizing theirs. In this world, however, the trade row and your opponent don’t always cooperate with you so you must think more flexibly and adapt to changing circumstances and create cohesive decks not just based around factions but around what the cards actually do and when they will be played. While factioning can provide useful bonuses throughout the game, the real key to victory is purchasing cards for their primary ability in time to be played in the phase of the game where that ability is most useful and by purchasing cards that fit your deck archetype and counter your opponent’s archetype.
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Star Realms Card Tier Lists UPDATED (incl B&B, F&F, Heroes expansions)

by Scott Heise aka HomerJr

[Updated 1/21/2017] 

A lot has happened since I originally wrote this card tier ranking almost a year and a half ago. Not only have four new expansions containing 16 new ships/bases been released (B&B, Heroes, and F&F), but I played about 5500 more games in that span.  Both of these demand a lot of discussion and necessitate an update to my Tier Lists, so let’s get into it!

Before we get to the updated card tier lists, let’s talk quickly about the new cards introduced in the B&B, F&F, and Heroes expansions.  I think these cards are still new enough to many players that it’s worth going into each card in a little detail.

(If you want to skip to the update Tier Lists, they’re down below with my original ranking concept description.)

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Ranking the 6 Cost Cards

By Patrick Myers aka karmakanik

Once players have grasped the basic strategic principles of Star Realms, they understand that the early game is often about building up enough trade/economy in order to purchase the “power” cards that cost 6 or above.  But what happens when you finally get to up 6 trade and you have a choice of four different 6-cost cards?  Which ones are the best?  The worst?  Which ones fit into which kinds of decks?  When do these cards shine?  When are they weakest?  Read on to find out…

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