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Episode 81: The Final Frontiers!

This week Dustin and Rick review every single card of the brand new digital Star Realms expansion: FRONTIERS. Hear hot takes and discussions around new strategies based on this new expansion!

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Episode 80: Return of the Megahauler!

Megahaulin is back after a long hiatus! This week Dustin is joined by a brand new co-host in Rick “Darklighter” DeMille. Discussion focuses on Origins, a new mechanic and expansion for Star Realms and online competitive leagues.



Episode 76: Game Fair Shenanigans!

We are back from the White Wizard Game Fair 2017! We’ve got an amazing lineup of interviews including the new STAR REALMS LEGEND Adam Charbonneau  (IGN: Anvroser). PLUS additional interviews with:

Rick “Darklighter” Demille
Brendan “Carnie” Lapsley
Amanda “BBYGURL” Storm
Alex “SilentAl” Sarkissian


We also have a contest this episode! Send in your favorite Star Realms memories of 2017 as well as your New Year’s Resolution. Matt and Dustin will review the entries and select THREE winners. There will be prizes! Deadline is 12/15/17, so get that entry in NOW!
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