Here is a regularly updated glossary of Star Realms related terms used on this site and in the game. Until there are enough to sort, we’ll keep these in roughly alphabetical order.

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Blitz Shift – The point in a Star Realms game where a player shifts out of economy purchases and goes entirely for maximum combat each turn.
Bomb – A very powerful card. Typically Cost 6 or higher.
Bottomdecked – An important card in your deck that ends up in the last draw or as part of the last draw when you reshuffle your cards. Example: “Brain World was bottomdecked!”
Butt – a numerical toughness applied to bases and outposts. Example: That’s a 6 butt Outpost!
Cantrip – a card that draws a card (replaces itself) when played
Dominated – When an opponent has a large number of cards in a specific faction.
Explorer Race –  When both players are drafting only explorers in the hope that they will pick up a valuable card (or cards) first. Often ends in tears and/or the gnashing of teeth.
Flip – To turn up the next card in the Trade Row. Not to be confused with The Flip
Full Rack of Ribs – Spending 8 Trade to buy Four Explorers before The Flip. Similarly buying two Explorer before The Flip is referred to as a “Half Rack of Ribs”
Gambos – a combined mode of play in the Star Realms Digital App that includes Gambits and Promo Bases & Ships. The term derives from a mashup of Gambit and Promo.
Got Green/Blue/Yellow/Red – This “Got” usage indicates that a player is able to grab several cards of the noted color early in the match. For example, “TheCutter Got Green super fast.”
Haul/Hauled – The action of purchasing a card for free and placing it on the top of your deck. This can be accomplished via cards like Megahauler and Blob Carrier
“The Flip” – The First reshuffle of your deck after your second turn.
Sacrifice – Wrecking a card permanently from the game in order to get some additional benefit.
Tuna slap – A sound trouncing in Star Realms.
Type-S – A Mode of Star Realms Play that includes the Base set, plus all the Year One Promo cards, but without Gambits
Type S+G – A Mode of Star Realms Play that includes the Base set, all Year One Promos as well as Gambits.
Vanilla – Star Realms played as the original base set with no expansions.

Older Terms

The terms in this section are kept around for historical reference. They are outmoded and do not apply to the current version of the game.


3 thoughts on “Glossary

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  2. Daniel

    I was disappointed that “Gambos” didn’t make the cut. 😉

    Also, I’ll submit the following…

    Rave: A game in which the initial trade row contains only expensive cards, causing both players to purchase explorers for the next few turns. (Nothing to do but buy some E and hope for the best).



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